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Reversing Climate Change Starts with Us

Kampot Province, Cambodia, 4 December 2021 - PPCBank has sponsored USD 3,000, in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, for the “Tree Planting and Cleaning City 2021” event. It was held in Kampot Province at Prek Tnaot High School, where 17 of PPCBank’s team planted 200 trees. A small step for the greater good, this sponsorship is not only part of the bank’s commitment to social responsibility, but also a chance for our employees to cooperate and work better together as a team.

PPCBank Kampot’s Branch Manager, Mr. Seong Uodom, says, “It’s true that trees are a primary source of life for biodiversity. Not only will these new trees help offer cleaner air for us, but will also protect us from natural disasters like drought, floods and storms. This event is held not only for us to plant trees, but to set a great example for schoolchildren, as the next generation will learn to love the environment and take care of it wherever they go”.

“It was a fun and engaging weekend for the PPCBank team as our sponsorship, together with those from other companies, allowed a total of 3,000 trees to be planted in and around Prek Tnaot High School. While we all contribute to climate change through our consumption habits, initiatives like these not only help reverse some of that climate change but also raise awareness through urging individuals and private companies to start acting together to address the problem,” he added.

PPCBank is looking forward to all the great things we are preparing to do for our customers in 2022, as well as the CSR projects we have planned that will contribute back to society. Our humble support will hopefully encourage others to become more engaged with projects that directly benefit the people of the Kingdom.

For donors and people who are excited to see the results of their contributions to PPCBank’s “APOPO Fundraising Campaign”, which ended last month, we will have our “Second Land-Handover” event in Siem Reap in January 2022. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for updated posts. The donation campaign and your contributions are about to come to life.