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Safely repay your PPCBank loan via Wing

Feel unsecured going out or travel far to repay the loan at the branch during this outbreak?

No more worries, we can cover it! Now you can repay your PPCBank’s loan through Wing Mobile App and over 5000 agents nationwide.

Daily Transaction Limit is USD 2,500 or KHR 10,000,000.

Service Fee

Amount RangeService FeeFee Charge Policy
USD 0.025 – 50.00USD 0.65/TXNTransaction fees associated with payment collection will be charged by WING from customers.    
KHR 100 – 200,000KHR 2,600/TXN
USD 50.01- 100.00USD 0.90/TXN
KHR 200,100 – 400,000KHR 3,600/TXN
USD 100.01 – 500.00USD 1.30/TXN
KHR 400,100 – 2,000,000KHR 5,200/TXN
USD 500.01 – 1,000.00USD 1.50/TXN
KHR 2,000,100 – 4,000,000KHR 6,000/TXN
USD 1,000.01 – 2,000USD 3.00/TXN
KHR 4,000,100 – 8,000,000KHR 12,000/TXN
USD 2,000,01 – 25,000USD 3.75/TXN
KHR 8,000,100 – 10,000,000KHR 15,000/TXN

How to pay the loan via Wing:

  • Wing Agent:
  • Customer has to go to any Wing Agent to perform the loan repayment to PPCBank.
  • Biller Code is 9922 (USD) and 9923(KHR)
  • To repay the loan, customer needs to provide PPCBank’s Bank Account Number and Payment Amount to the Agent.
  • Wing Money App:
  • Customer must have a registered account with Wing App
  • To repay the loan, customer needs to input the PPCBank’s Bank Account Number and Payment Amount on the App.