Prepaid Card

PayOn card is a top-up based prepaid card service equipped with all the necessary technology to enable digital payment. Customers will be able to purchase and top up the PayOn card at any braches of PPCBank in Phnom Penh. PayOn card is simple and convenient for making payments at all PPCBank POS merchants including all Choice Taxi services. Cumstomers can make payments throgh a variety of new card images as their preference in the form of card, band or key chain.


  • Safer than carying cash
  • Speed and convenience for making payments, with just tap and go
  • Exciting discount with PPCBank corporate partners
  • Customer service support


  • No documents necessary
  • No requirement to open a bank account

How to Pay

  • Find PayOn Logo
  • Simply tap and go to make the payment

Types of Prepaid Card

There are two types of PayOn card
  • Offline Card: Customer can purchase an off-line pre-paid card at all branches of PPCBank
  • Online Card: Customer can get their online pre-paid card for free upon applying for PAYON

Prepaid Card Limit

The maximum card limit is USD 1,000 per card.

How to Top-Up

  • Top-up can be done everywhere at any PPCBank branch and Mobile Banking

How to Apply

  • Just visit any PPCBank branch
  • Buy a prepaid card (the amount of top-up is the balance you can use for purchases)
  • For more information please contact us any time at (855) 23 909 909 / 99 666 030