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International Funds Transfer

International Funds Transfer Via Swift

You can send money to anyone safely, quickly and easily, whether it is to your family in the province or to your suppliers oversea with another bank abroad via SWIFT.

Type Fee Current
Remittance Fee Cable Fee
Inward Remittance
(Oversea -> PPCBank)

0.07% of Received amount

(Minimum: USD 10)

Outward Remittance
(PPCBank -> Oversea)
≤ USD 1,000


USD 10

≤USD 1,000
≤USD 10,000
>USD 10,000 0.12% of Sending amount

Effective date: 20-March-2017

Fee exemption:

  • Inward remittance fee (ITT) from JEONBUK BANK and KWANGJU BANK
  • Inward remittance fee (ITT) for Non-Government Organization (NGO) and missionaries
    ->Requirement: providing the license or certificate in order to clarify the NGO or missionary