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SMS Alerts Service

SMS Alerts Service provides instant transaction alerts through customer’s mobile phone.

Service Fee

    SMS Account Alerts Service:

    • Free of charge during first month usage; the following month usage customers can enjoy a monthly plan of 1 USD (fixed) for unlimited alerts received or just 0.05 per alert.
    • Customers can get real-time transaction alert 24/7 on their account transaction such as deposit, withdrawal, transfer and loan repayment.

    SMS Card Alerts Service:

    • Free of charge.
    • Applicable to VISA Debit & Credit Card.
    • Customers can get real-time transaction alert 24/7 on their card transaction such as POS purchase, purchase reversal and cash advance to ensure absolute security of their cards. Service also provides credit card bill payment reminder to enhance customers’ convenience.


  • Settlement fee shall be automatically withdrawn from designated account.
  • Service fee shall be charged on the 5th of each month.

Service Suspension/ Deactivation

  • Service shall be suspended when payment has not been automatically paid on the date of payment and overdue for 5 days.
  • If notification service is inactive for 3 months, the service is automatically deactivated.

Service Reactivation

  • If payment is made before 30 days period of next settlement date, service will resume.
  • To re-activate service, overdue payment must be paid.
  • To re-activate service, visit any branches of PPCBank.