Car Loan

Makes your dream come true with Car Loan

Car Loan Car Loan is a type of PPCBank loan product provided to customers wishing to own a car.


  • Loan Amount: From USD5,000 to USD200,000
  • Loan Tenor: 60 Months
  • Repayment Mode: Installment and Amortization
  • Interest Rate: 0.75% per month.
  • Collateral: Car ID or Property
  • Can borrow up to 70% of the car price
  • You can use the car loan to buy brand new car or used car which is 13 years old or less from its year of producing.


  • Competitive interest rate offered
  • Good Condition to get loan
  • Speedy process and approval
  • Can get a new car to support your family or business


  • Have a proper job, salary, or any sufficient income to assure the ability to repay the loan
  • Be a residential and have resident address
  • Willing to pay back to PPCBank