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PPCBank’s Parent bank “Jeonbuk bank” brings hope Cambodia

On 10th August 2016, CEO of Jeonbuk Bank, Yim Yong-tiack whose bank recently seated as the parent bank of Phnom Penh Commercial Bank has paid visit to Hebron Medical Center in Phnom Penh. PPCBank which has been operating for 7 years since its establishment in 2008 with total asset of 414 million as of 2015 has recently been acquired by JB financial group with its largest shareholder to be Jeonbuk Bank.

The visit to Hebron Medical Center was accompanied by volunteering staffs from Phnom Penh Commercial bank to welcome the donated CT machine to support with its social cause called “Love your neighbor as yourself” event through its own know-how. Jeonbuk Bank has been widely known for heavy engagement in its corporate social responsibility cause in South Korea.

At 5p.m the CEO of Jeonbuk Bank will visit Hebron Medical Center located in Phnom Penh (Near Porchentong International Airport) to hold a ceremony donating a set of SIEMENS CT machines. The Hebron Medical Center, a center for heart diseases built in August 2014, has given a new life to 81 patients so far, and is planning to have about 30 more operations in the second half of this year. By sponsoring approximately USD 45,000 to donate the CT machine, Jeonbuk Bank believes this will be able to further treat patients more effectively.

On August 7th before this charitable cause, JB has celebrated an opening ceremony of “JB Study Room of Dreaming” for local elementary school students of KrangOrngKrong in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Study Room will give art, math and Khmer language lessons.

Additionally, on 8th of August, at Won Kwang Nursery in Phnom Penh, Jeonbuk Bank’s volunteering group and employees of PPCBank invited about 500 local residents to celebrate a cheerful event called “Rice Balls Full of Love” and volunteered works of painting a playground.

Before such local volunteering works, the bank has hosted various charitable events related to Cambodia in Korea.

In the 7th “Visiting Homeland” event this year, eight Cambodian households in Korea were selected and given opportunities to visit their homeland with full sponsorship of round-trip flight tickets and traveling expenses of USD1,200.

Above this, “PPCBank Affiliated Overseas Remittance Service” which aims to support workers in South Korea who need to transfer money back to their homeland without bearing any cost of remittance fee in order to support with our CSR program. Moreover “Donating Books in Hope to Multicultural Families” program was additionally launched between the two banks, which is to donate Korean fairy tale books translated into Cambodian.

In addition to this, the Suwon branch has already started “PPCBank Affiliated Overseas Remittance Service”, to associate Korea with Cambodia by introducing bank tellers exclusively for the Cambodians.

The president of Jeonbuk Bank, Yim said, “We will develop PPCBank into major bank in Cambodia by constructing distinct model combining Jeonbuk Bank and PPCBank’s strengths.” “Besides, we will make constant attempts to communicate and share with Phnom Penh residents through various social volunteering activities,” he added.