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PPCBank unveils a new card usage and transfer experience via Mobile App

PPCBank has launched a new Card Management System for PPCBank Mobile App users. The development is in line with the bank’s commitment to innovative technology and creating ever-increasing levels of convenience for our customers. Three broad new card-related functions have come to PPCBank Mobile App, allowing users to be in full control of their cards and connected accounts. Whatever transaction you have made online or via a POS machine can now be viewed from their smartphone.

PPCBank Credit Cards Holders can now view real-time balances via the Mobile App, as well as make instant direct deposits into your bank accounts in order to make purchases. Payments of outstanding bills can also be made via the Mobile App, which can facilitate cash advances to credit cards as well.

You can activate new cards by yourself. To help combat fraud, we will no longer issue temporary PINs for newly issued cards. Customers need to create their own PIN via the PPCBank Mobile App or at the ATM.  

The new card system also allows you to block and unblock cards via PPCBank Mobile App. This is useful when a card has simply been misplaced. In the event a card has been lost or stolen, the blocking is immediate and permanent. You can then use the Mobile App to request a reissue, simply by selecting in the reason.  

Our initiatives in promoting cashless transactions include adoption of the National Bank of Cambodia’s ‘Bakong Payment Service’ which aims to improve inter-operability for customers across different financial institutions. PPCBank has just rolled out the NBC’s second phase, the “Bakong Full Fund Transfer”, where you can now directly transfer to any local bank which is also a member of Bakong and pay ‘zero service charges’.

Furthermore, the latest version of the Mobile App enables you to transfer to AMK wallets or anyone’s phone number, allowing the receiver to withdraw the cash from any one of 5,500 AMK agents across the kingdom.

These updated functionalities have been made possible by PPCBank replacing its legacy switch program with BPC’s SmartVista, an internationally recognized system with international-standard compliance and compatibility. The new features will be welcomed by PPCBank Mobile App users, who already enjoy its streamlined interface and biometric capabilities. The PPCBank Mobile App was first launched in 2017. In 2019 it received the “A’Design Award” in recognition of its innovative approach.

Knowing how confusing transfer options can be, PPCBank has integrated all real-time transfer options into one easy-to-select list. You only need to know which bank they wish to transfer funds to and the app will instantly check all available options to identify which one offers the lowest service fee.

PPCBank Mobile App is available for download on Android and iOS.