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PPCBank signs MOU with Diners Club International for Premium Card Market in Cambodia

On April 23, 2018, PPCBank, fully incorporated commercial bank in Cambodia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Diners Club International (DCI), a wholly owned subsidary of Discover Financial Services, and part of the Discover Global Network, looking at having PPCBank as the first Diners Club International Franchise to issue permium cards in Cambodia.

A final agreement between DCI and PPCBank would allow Cambodians to have access to numerous consumer and commercial card programs, and enjoy many benefits provided by DCI, such as: access to Diners Club® Airport Lounges in 800+ locations worldwide; offers in dining, travel, entertainment and shopping categories in more than 50 countries; cost-effective packages for online purchases.

PPCBank was recognized as one of the fast-growing commercial banks–not only in terms of asset size, but in terms of network and customer base growth in Cambodia. Being in its digital and customer-focused era, aside from the recent launch of its Mobile App, full-functional Corporate Management System, and its Mobile Teller system for outside-of-bank on site consultation, PPCBank aims to deliver a revolutionary and personalized banking experience to its customers, including dedicated premium services for high net worth individuals. The bank is being fully supported by its parent company, JB Financial Group (JBFG), with years-long expertise in global card business handling with its total assets close to USD 50 billion.

Over the past five years in Cambodia, income levels have been consistently rising and providing more disposable income for Cambodian consumers. More and more Cambodians prefer to eat out and have been starting to value travelling, both domestically and internationally.

“With the growth Cambodia has experienced over the last decade, people’s behavior and concept of banking is starting to shift: there is a growing demand for personalized banking products and services. PPCBank is consistently evolving to ensure we always offer the right financial solution at the right time. We look forward to discussing our relationship further with Diners Club International to potentially provide these distinguished products to the people of Cambodia to meet and push the boundary of demand for authentic-premium products, and be part of a global integration for Cambodian society at the same time,” said Mr. SHIN, President of PPCBank.