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PPCBank inaugurates Tonle Oum Primary School’s new building

PPCBank has inaugurated a new building with five classrooms for Tonle Oum Primary School students. The building was officially opened on February 24, 2022.

The donation is in line with PPCBank’s belief that education is the key foundation for a country’s development, with it boosting the economy, improving social morality and reducing poverty.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the education sector suffered terribly and so today’s inauguration will help alleviate some of this hardship, while also promoting greater levels of literacy.

According to Mr. Vin Chhorn, Director of Tonle Oum Primary School, the school had struggled with a shortage of buildings in the past, meaning that some teaching had to take place in tents, which was particularly challenging during the rainy season.

Tonle Oum Primary School is located in the Sre Stok Commune of Pursat province’s Kandeang district, a remote area bordering the Tonle Sap River, 23 kilometers from the provincial capital.

A student at Tonle Oum Primary School said, “School life is very hard here, as we lack enough buildings and when it rains it is difficult to study and sometimes my learning materials get wet. I would like to thank PPCBank for providing this new building for my school.”

To promote the value of education and address the needs of students in remote areas, PPCBank donated a total of USD 61,676 for the construction of the new school building. It has five classrooms and measures 40m long and 9m wide. Thursday’s handover ceremony was attended by Sre Stok’s commune chief, the school principal, teachers and students, members of the local community, as well as staff of PPCBank.

PPCBank remains committed to supporting many other social activities in Cambodia as it continues to contribute to the country’s development and work for positive change in society.