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PPCBank Cheers Support from Donors for APOPO Fundraising Campaign

Phnom Penh, 16 November 2021 – PPCBank has thanked all donors who supported its second “APOPO Fundraising Campaign”. The fundraising drive came to an end on 12 November 2021. The bank’s clients, together with its staff, raised a total of $1,065 Donations were matched dollar-for-dollar by PPCBank. The bank has also donated a further $8,935 to bring the grand total to $10,000.

The money goes directly to APOPO and will allow the humanitarian demining NGO to clear a total of five hectares of land in northern Siem Reap. PPCBank is particularly proud of this year’s fundraising drive as the amount raised allows APOPO and its famous “HeroRATs” to tackle more than twice the land area cleared in 2020. The target area is again in the Sre Nui Commune in Siem Reap’s Varin District. The direct beneficiaries are the village landowners, as well as the people living around the area who, for now, are living under the constant threat of landmines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO). Of most concern are the village’s children who run the risk of encountering landmines every time they go out to play or walk to and from school.

PPCBank is excited that thanks to the participation of its generous donors, the demining project is going from strength to strength. The five hectares next to be cleared, in addition to the 2.4 hectares cleared last year, will provide a significant boost to the local economy of Siem Reap. The province has been especially hard hit by the pandemic, with it relying so much on international tourism. Hundreds of jobs have been lost in the sector in Siem Reap and so families have had to find other sources of income.

PPCBank President Baek Jongil said that through the humble contribution from the bank’s staff and clients, these families will soon be able to make a living off their land and live a life free of the threat posed by landmines.

“We hope more private companies and individuals will support APOPO and contribute even more to this incredibly impactful cause. We’re looking forward to seeing more attention and participation from everyone in the next year, once PPCBank launches its ‘APOPO Fundraising Campaign’ for 2022. I would again like to thank all of our donors, especially our employees. We hope to meet you all again in future Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns. Your good deeds are highly valued and very much appreciated by our beneficiaries.”

PPCBank is hopeful that even more people will come forward to support its next fundraising drive for APOPO. It also hopes that those who have been incredibly generous this year know that their contributions, however small, have made a profound difference in the lives of their fellow Cambodians. As the country moves into its “new normal” and the post-pandemic recovery begins, PPCBank knows that the work of APOPO could not be coming at a better time.