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PPCBank Celebrates 13th Anniversary with Huge “Thank You” to Staff

On Friday 3 September, PPCBank celebrated 13th year anniversary and organised an unprecedented online event for our staff, in acknowledgment of the part they have played in growing the business into one of Cambodia’s leading commercial banks.

PPCBank is a South-Korean owned bank, with two powerful financial institutions as its shareholders, namely Jeonbuk Financial Group and OK Financial Group.  It first launched operations in Cambodia in 2008, with a vision to make banking as easy as possible.

None of this would have been possible without the tireless dedication of our staffs, whose complement has grown to 500 across 23 branches in Cambodia. It was to them that the bank turned to celebrate its 13th anniversary. With Covid-19 restrictions at the time preventing gatherings of more than 15 people, the decision was made to hold the event online. It was the largest virtual staff meeting in the bank’s history.​

This past year has been extremely challenging, with restrictions and lockdowns meaning many staff were forced to work from home for long periods of time. The year has also not been short of anxiety and stress. PPCBank felt it important that its 13th anniversary event, therefore, energise the team and draw them together, albeit virtually. PPCBank understands that taking care of its staff helps them in taking care of its clients. Strengthening team-spirit and synergizing energy and creativity enables the PPCBank team to deliver their very best.

To ensure as creative and dynamic an event as possible, three games were organised for the celebration. There was a “PPCBank Video Contest” which inspired staff to be as imaginative and authentic as possible. Regardless of limited resources, equipment and skills in video production, our Siem Reap Branch staffs still manage to produce a great storytelling video that won the first place. Another was the “PPCBank Slogan Contest”, with the key word “together” that focused on motivation and PPCBank family. There was also the “PPCBank Lover” surprise lucky draw, with three individual winners​. Staff well-being was at the core of the event, with the bank sparing no effort in ensuring that each member of the team felt appreciated and valued.

As we continue to develop those products and services, as well as launch new ones, PPCBank looks forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with its staff and clients in the years to come. In the meantime, you should stay tuned for our next event, “Donation to APOPO”, a “thank you”’ to the staff and clients who have contributed to this truly life-saving fundraising campaign, but for now, to see the PPCBank 13th Anniversary Event, check out our video: