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PPCBank’s expanding its money transfer service with AMK

Great news!! For your convenience, we’re expanding our money transfer service. Send money from PPCBank Mobile App to anyone by phone numbers. Receivers can easily pick up at any AMK agents almost 6000 across the Kingdom. Stay safe, transfer digitally.

Remittance Fee

Service TypeSub ServiceAmount
AMK Fee (USD)PPCBank Fee (USD)AMK Fee (KHR)PPCBank Fee (KHR)
(PPCBank → AMK)
To Non-Accountup to 1,0001.50– Mobile: +0.50
– smartBiz: +0.50
– Branch: +1.00
6,000– Mobile: +2,000
– smartBiz: +2,000
– Branch: +4,000

Remittance Limit

Service TypeSub ServicePer TransactionPer Day
(PPCBank → AMK)
To Non-Account1,000 USD or 4,000,000 KHR1,000 USD or 4,000,000 KHR