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Personal Banking Fund Transfer International Transfer

Fee Charges

TERMRemittance FeeCable Fee
Inward Remittance (Overseas -> PPCBank)0.07% of the Received amount (Minimum: USD 10)
Outward Remittance (PPCBank -> Overseas)≤ USD 1,000USD 5USD 15
≤USD 10,000 = $25 >USD 10
> USD 10,0000.12% of sending amount

Fee exemption

  • Inward remittance fee (ITT) from JEONBUK BANK and KWANGJU BANK
  • Inward remittance fee (ITT) for Non-Government Organization (NGO) and missionaries
  • Requirement: provide the license or certificate in order to clarify the NGO or missionary

To received money transfer from oversea

  • Benefiary Bank: PPCBank
  • Swift code: PPCBKHPP
  • Bank address: Nº 217, Norodom Blvd, S/K Tonlebasak, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia