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Personal Fund Transfer Fast Transfer

Don’t have 1-2 days to wait for a payment transfer? It allows you to transfer money and make payments in KHR within all the in-network members.

Members of Fast Payment service

1. PPCBank 2. ABA Bank 3. ACLEDA Bank 4. AMK MFI
5. Amret MFI 6. J Trust Royal Bank 7. Bangkok Bank 8. BIDC Bank
9. Bank of China (Hong Kong) 10. Booyoung Khmer Bank 11. Kasikorn Bank, Phnom Penh Branch 12. Bred Bank (Cambodia)
13. Cambodia Asia Bank 14. Mekong Bank (Cambodia) 15. Cambodia Post Bank 16. Cambodian Commercial Bank
17. Cambodian Public Bank 18. Canadia Bank 19. Cathay United Bank 20. CIMB Bank
21. First Commercial Bank 22. Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia 23. Hattha Kaksekar Limited MFI 24. Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia)
25. ICBC Bank 26. Kookmin Bank (Cambodia) 27. Kredit MFI 28. Krung Thai Bank Public Co., Ltd, Phnom Penh Branch
29. LOLC MFI (Cambodia) 30. Maybank (Cambodia) 31. Mega International Commercial Bank (Cambodia) 32. Phillip Bank (Cambodia)
33. PRASAC MFI 34. RHB Indochina Bank 35. Sacombank (Cambodia) 36. Sathapana Bank
37. Saigon Hanoi Bank (Cambodia) Plc 38. Shinhan Bank (Cambodia) Plc 39. Taiwan Cooperative Bank (Cambodia) 40. Union Commercial Bank
41. Vattanac Bank 42. Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Cambodia) 43. WB Finance Co., Ltd

Service Fee

Transfer Type Amount (KHR) Fee (KHR)
Inward Max 40 million FREE
Outward 0 – 4 million 4,000
Outward 4,000,001 – 20, million 8,000
Outward 20,000,001 – 40 million 12,000

How to make a Fast Transfer.

To send money

  • Come to your nearest PPCBank branch or use the PPCBank Mobile Banking app or SmartBiZ service
  • Complete the bank transfer form
  • In less than 15 minutes, the beneficiary’s account will receive the money transfer

To receive money

  • 1. Have an account with PPCBank. In less than 15 minutes, you will get the money in your account