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Our low interest rates will help get you moving fast.

Consider an auto loan with PPCBank. We offer loans for both new and used cars with competitive interest rates. Combine that with our fast approval process and you’ll be able to enjoy your new moto or car easily.


For individual:Provide up to 2 units
Currency:KHR and USD
Loan Amount:From USD 2,000 – USD 300,000
Interest Rate*:From 9.5% / Year
Loan Term:Up to 72 months
Repayment Mode:Amortization / Installment
Loan Ratio:Up to 80% of car price
Collateral:Car ID or Property (Soft or Hard Title Deed)


    • 1

      You will need to have an employment ID, employment contract, bank statement, salary confirmation from your bank or payroll list

    • 2

      Be a resident with an address

  • 3

    Demonstrate the ability to pay back PPCBank

*Interest Rate: based on brand new or used car, loan term, and loan ratio.
** For buying a car from our partner company, the interest rate can be lower than the above interest rate.

Applies for a brand new car or used car (produced in last 17 years from present)

For more information

Please visit your nearest PPCBank branch, chat with us here or call our hotlines
096 3 909 909 / 023 909 909 available 24/7 for you.