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Mobile Banking

Let’s admit it,​​ we are connected to our phones almost 24/7. What could be better than staying in the know about bank account activity through a mobile app?

With PPCBank Mobile App banking is at your fingertips round-the-clock. Our Mobile Banking App v.2.0.


allows you to:

​​​• ​View all transaction details including loan statement in real-time

• Top-up your phone connected to any mobile network service provider 24/7

• Top-up PPCBank’s partner prepaid card, PayOn

• Make immediate or scheduled transfer, Real-Time Fund Transfer (RFT), and FAST​Transfer to an account of any Cambodian bank

• Make overseas transfer via SWIFT

• Send money to overseas in minutes via Western Union

• Make secure and quick transfer to your friends and family, even if they don’t have a bank account: use function ‘Cardless cash’ – with the password received, they can withdraw money from any of PPCBank ATMs. It’s free of charge!


You can use ‘Cardless cash’ to withdraw money from any of our ATMs if you forgot to bring your card.

• Open & close a deposit account without visiting the branch

• Make quick and secure payment to PPCBank partner merchants by scanning QR code. Keep records of all purchases through SMS

• Apply for a loan

• Book your visit to any of our branches in advance for cash withdrawal, cashier order, and cheque book request

• Locate PPCBank’s nearest branch, ATM, and mobilePAY merchant

• Enjoy the App in 5 different languages: Khmer, English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese

• Make security verification with your finger print and use your voice to make transfer or other command

• And many more features…

Download our application from App Store or Google Play Store. It’s free of charge! Visit any of PPCBank branches to register unique ID and password and you’re good to go!



Steps to start using the app:

1. Go to App Store or Google Play Store; search for PPCBank and download the application

2. Select preferred language

3. Fill in UserID registered with the bank and a temporary password

4. Update your password

5. Enjoy the PPCBank app!


Requirements to subscribe:

– Must be 18 years old or older

– Applicants must have personal or joint PPCBank saving or current account

– Cambodian citizens: national ID card or passport

– Non-Cambodians: passport with entry visa valid for at least 3 months

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