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Personal Banking Deposit VIP Savings Account

Get the exclusive attention and the care you need and deserve.

If you are a more affluent customer, the VIP Savings Account is for you. It’s an easy, convenient, and flexible way to manage your money while it grows. We’ll make sure you receive special care and VIP service so that you leave PPCBank happy and satisfied.

10,000 – 30,0001.50% p.a
More than 30,0001.00% p.a

Key Benefits

  • Free consultations with a lawyer and accountant (designated by the bank)
  • Lounge access (Phnom Penh Tower Branch)
  • Quarterly gift voucher
  • Free passbook replacement
  • Free balance confirmation
  • Free issued bank statement
  • Free ATM card replacement
  • 50% discount on credit line processing fees
  • Special rates for other deposit products
  • Free use of PPCBank meeting rooms (any PPCBank)
  • Attractive fees for trading stocks with SBI Royal Securities



  • National ID Card or Valid Passport


  • Valid passport (Validity ≥ 90 days)
  • Employment certificate, contract or business certificate(s)

Important information

  • Outward Telegraphic Transfer (OTT) fee: amount of ≤ USD1,000 = USD5 + USD15 (cable fee) ; amount of more than USD1,000 – USD10,000 = USD10 + USD15 (cable fee); amount of more than USD10,000 = 0.11% + USD150 (cable fee)
  • Inward Telegraphic Transfer (ITT) fee: USD10 or 0,07% (minimum)
  • Free of charge from intra-bank transfers for Phnom Penh Branches
  • Charge USD 2 for Inter- transfer all amount
  • Free of charge from intra-branch transfers for Phnom Penh branches
  • USD 2 issuing fee for a bank or NBC check