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Saving Account

We want you to be able to easily save your money!
PPCBank’s savings account makes putting money aside simple. For just USD 5 you can open a savings account and get a Visa debit card. This account will maintain your money for whatever you might need it for next. When you open a savings account, you won’t have to worry about annual or maintenance fees. You’ll also receive a free passbook and will be able to make free transfers within PPCBank accounts.


So, what are you waiting for?

• Maintain your money in a safe and secure location;

• Check your account balance through E-banking or by visiting any PPCBank branch;

• Withdraw funds from your current account given that the minimum ongoing balance is kept on the account;

• Add additional money to your account.



Important information

• Free charge of Visa debit card for the first year to all account.

• Daily limit for Visa debit card transactions is up to USD 5,000 day

• USD 5/ KHR 20,000 minimum deposit (personal) and USD 1,000/KHR 4,000,000 minimum deposit (corporate)

• Freeze USD 5/KHR 20,000 (personal) and freeze USD 100/KHR 400,000 (corporate).

National ID Card or valid passport



– Valid passport

– Employment certificate, contract or business certificate(s)


Business Entity

– Certificate of Incorporation

– Business license(s) (Validity ≥ 90 days_

– Memorandum and Articles of Association

– Patent tax certificate/Tax registration letter

– Board of directors or Directors’ resolution

– National ID card or passport of owner(s), shareholders or director(s), and authorized signatories



– Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Authorization

– Articles of Association and Organization

– Tax registration letter

– Board of directors or directors’ resolution

– National ID card or passport of founders, board of directors, or director(s) and authorized signatories

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