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Installment Deposit Account

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An installment deposit account is a longer-term saving. It is where you put a set amount of money or
installment into the account daily or monthly for a set period of time and let it grow. Once the period is over,
you withdraw the principal and interest together.
When you open your installment account, you will get a free passbook and have no annual or maintenance fees.


Important information
• USD 10 minimum deposit (normal installment) and USD 500 minimum deposit (premier installment)
• For pre-mature withdrawal, interest rate of 0.8% p.a is offered
– National ID Card or valid passport


– Valid passport (Validity ≥ 90 days)

– Employment certificate, contract or business certificate(s)


– Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Authorization Articles of Association and Organization Tax
registration letter Board of directors or directors’ resolution Proof of source of funds and assets National
– ID card or passport of founders, board of directors, or director(s) and authorized signatories