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Current Account

Do you need an account for your daily expenses?
Then a current account is for you!

A current account is an easy way to purchase your daily goods and services.

As a current account holder, you can apply for checkbook linked with your current account to settle payment without coming to the bank or carrying cashes.

It is an easy, convenient, and flexible way to manage your money and you will receive a monthly statement.

When you open a current account, you won’t have to worry about annual or maintenance fees. You’ll also receive a free passbook and will be able to make free transfers within PPCBank accounts.



Important information

• Free for intra-bank transfers at PPCBank’s Phnom penh branch network.

• Amount transfer ≤ USD 2,000 charges USD2 or > USD 2,000 charges 0.10% for inter-bank transfers in Cambodia

• Daily limit for Visa Debit transactions is up to USD 5,000 per day

• USD 100 minimum deposit (personal) and USD 500 minimum deposit (corporate)

• Freeze USD 50 (personal) and freeze USE 100 (corporate)


What can you do with a current account?

• Access your account with your debit card, E-banking or by visiting any PPCBank branch;

• Withdraw funds from your account given that the minimum ongoing balance is valid.

• Withdraw funds from your account given that the minimum ongoing balance is valid

• Chequebook is only available with current account; with fee charge only USD 5 per chequebook




– National ID card or valid passport


– Valid passport (Validity ≥ 90 days)

– Employment certificate, contract or business certificate(s)


Business Entity

– Certificate of Incorporation

– Business license(s) (Validity ≥ 30 days)

– Memorandum and Articles of Association

– Patent tax certificate/Tax registration letter

– Board of directors or Directors’ Resolution

– National ID Card or passport of owner(s), shareholders or director(s), and authorized signatories



– Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Authorization

– Articles of Association and organization

– Tax registration letter

– Board of Directors or Directors’ resolution

– National ID card or passport of founders, board of directors, or director(s) and authorized signatories

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