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Prepaid PayOn Card
Personal Banking Card Prepaid PayOn Card

You are able to top-up the card on your own terms and have the technology to enable digital payments. Customers can buy and top-up at any of PPCBank branches. A PayOn card is safer than carrying cash. A PayOn card is a fast way to make payments, just tap and go.

As a PayOn user, you can receive discounts with PPCBank corporate partners and on customer service support. And the best part of the PayOn card? There are no requirements.

Types of PayOn cards

Offline: Customers can purchase an offline prepaid card at all PPCBank branches (The offline-card limit is max $2,000 per card)

Online: Customer can get their online prepaid card for free by download app of PayOn app (the online-card limit is max $1,000 per card)

Customers can use prepaid card payments with PPCBank partner merchants including all Atomy online.

How do I maintain the card?

You have your PayOn card so now what? To make a payment, find the PayOn logo and simply tap and go. You can top-up your card at any PPCBank branch or through the PPCBank App.

Top-Up Locations

Any Branch of PPCBank


Phone : 023 999 500

PayOn Office

Address: 3rd Floor, PGCT Building, No.274, Sangkat TonleBassac, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh


Phone : 023 987 475

Build Bridge University

Address: Phnom Penh study center, sothearos, TonleBassac, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh


Phone : 023 987 700

Refund Fee charge

$0-$100 =$0.125

$100.01-$500= $0.625

$500.01-$1,000= $1.25

How to apply for a PayOn Card

  • Visit any PPCBank branch
  • Buy a prepaid card (the amount of top-up is the balance you can use for purchases)
  • For more information, please contact us any time at 0963 909 909 / 023 909 909