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PayOn Card is a prepaid card that makes managing your money easy.

You are able to top-up the card on your own terms and have the technology to enable digital payments. Customers can buy and top-up at any of PPCBank branches. A PayOn card is safer than carrying cash. A PayOn card is fast way to make payments, just tap and go. As a PayOn user, you can receive discounts with PPCBank corporate partners and on customer service support. And the best part of the PayOn card? There are no requirements.


How do I maintain the card?

You have your PayOn card so now what? To make a payment, find the PayOn logo and simply tap and go. You can top-up your card at any PPCBank branch or through the PPCBank App.


Types of PayOn cards

• Offline: Customers can purchase an offline prepaid card at all PPCBank branches (The offline-card limit is max $2,000 per card)

• Online: Customer can get their online prepaid card for free by download app of PayOn app (the online-card limit is max $1,000 per card)

• Customers can use prepaid card payments with PPCBank partner merchants including all Atomy online.


How to apply for a PayOn Card

• Visit any PPCBank branch

• Buy a prepaid card (the amount of top-up is the balance you can use for purchases)

• For more information, please contact us any time at (855) 23 909 909


Top-Up Location:

• Any Branch of PPCBank

Website: www.ppcb.com.kh
Phone : 023 999 500

• PayOn Office:

Address: 3rd Floor, PGCT Building, No.274, Sangkat TonleBassac, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh
Website: https://payon.com.kh
Phone : 023 987 475

• Build Bridge University

Address: Phnom Penh study center, sothearos, TonleBassac, Chamkamon, Phnom Penh
Website: https://www.bbu.edu.kh/
Phone : 023 987 700

Refund Fee charge:

$0-$100 =$0.125
$100.01-$500= $0.625
$500.01-$1,000= $1.25

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