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Personal Banking Card ATM Service

Easy Access

As long as you are a PPCBank cardholder or account holder with a current or savings account, you have access to our network of 66 ATMs available 24/7. It makes going to any ATM to withdraw cash, check your balance, make a third-party transfer, or receive a summary statement, easy.

PPCBank ATM Card is a simple, small, easy to keep card.

You can get a PPCBank ATM Card for free by just opening an account and depositing as little as USD 1,000 upon opening an account.


  • Free passbook to keep a record
  • Fund transfer
  • No annual fee
  • No expiration date

PPCBank ATM cards are issued to the account holder to access their account through PPCBank ATMs in Cambodia 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    • 1

      Having an account (savings account or current account) with PPCBank

    • 2

      Majority- If he/she is a minority, the customer can use the primary card; and a valid identity card is necessary

  • 3

    A card can be offered to other customers (including those under 18 years of age) upon the request of the primary cardholder

Transaction Limit

  • Withdrawal or transfer limit: $1,000 per transaction and $2,000 per day
  • Fund Transfer: USD 2,000 each day