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Pay Bills to More Than 200 Companies via PPCBank

PPCBank, one of Cambodia’s leading commercial banks, has expanded its bill payment service to more than 200 companies, offering customers even greater convenience when it comes to paying their bills. The service has been enhanced in line with the bank’s new era of digital transformation as well as its commitment to provide the highest quality financial services, together with a full suite of digital banking products, where customers can bank with ease.

The upgrade benefits all PPCBank customers, whether they pay their bills via the PPCBank Mobile App, through the business application, smartBiz, or at their nearest branch, with service fees amongst the lowest in the country. Merchants and customers can also review and download their bill payment transaction receipts in one place.

PPCBank continues to work​tirelessly to ensure that everyone in Cambodia, particularly owners of SMEs, enjoy full financial support when it comes to expanding their businesses by making services more flexible, accessible and responsive to the needs of their customers. In line with its mission and core values, PPCBank has been providing SMEs easier access to loans like Annatean 300 and Annatean Kak Kdao, specifically designed for owners of small and medium businesses. The latest service expansion will make business payment collection easier and more secure, with seamless and instant cashless payments and more secure transactions, enabling better financial management.

If you would like your business to become a PPCBank Merchant, please get in touch with us at 069 688 248/017 688 248. Our state-of-the-art system can connect billers of any size to our network in double quick time.