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Now CSS cardholders can withdraw money at all PPCBank ATMs machines!

PPCBank ATMs now fully support CSS transactions, allowing all CSS cardholders to make transactions at all PPCBank ATMs in KHR and/or USD for only a minimum fee.

What is “Cambodian Shared Switch” (CSS)?

Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS) is a local card scheme, under the authority of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). CSS is designed to provide interconnectivity and interoperability amongst CSS members, allowing their cardholders to use the ATMs of other participating banks.

What transaction types can CSS cardholders make at PPCBank ATMs?

CSS cardholders can make the following transactions at PPCBank ATMs:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Print mini statement
  • Interbank fund transfer
  • PIN change
  • Balance inquiry

Fee Charges:

ATM Transaction TypeFee*
Cash Withdrawal1,500 KHR (equivalence $0.38)
Balance Inquiry500 KHR (equivalence $0.13)
Mini Statement500 KHR (equivalence $0.13)
PIN Change500 KHR (equivalence $0.13)
Interbank Fund Transfer
≤ 4,000,000 KHR (equivalence $1,000)800 KHR (equivalence $0.13)
≤ 20,000,000 KHR (equivalence $5,000)800 KHR (equivalence $0.13)
≤ 40,000,000 KHR (equivalence $10,000)800 KHR (equivalence $0.13)