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Make the most of 2022 with more benefits for PPCBank Mobile App users

Making banking easy is why we are in business. With this in mind, we’re excited to share with you the new updates to the PPCBank Mobile App as we welcome 2022. Key among the new features is what’s known as “self-registration”. We’ve also introduced a new “NSSF payment” function and updated the “loan against deposit” function with automatic CBC-credit reports for customers.

On top of this, utility payments via the PPCBank Mobile App are available with zero service charges. This is also the case if you choose to pay your utility bills at any PPCBank branch.

Self-registration on PPCBank Mobile App is available for all PPCBank customers. If you have an account with us, you can register for free without having to visit a PPCBank branch. All you need is your ID Card or passport and then download the PPCBank Mobile App from AppStore or PlayStore.

When it comes to NSSF payments, life is even easier in 2022 with PPCBank customers able to pay their NSSF fees with zero service charges via the PPCBank Mobile App, smartBiz, or over the counter at any PPCBank branch. We’ve made this as easy as possible for businessowners, so they can look after their staff who take care of their clients.

We’re also continuing to make banking easy by upgrading our “loan against deposit” function. This now features improved risk assessment by including CBC Reporting that is generated automatically from the PPCBank Mobile App. This not only improves the quality of risk assessment, but also shortens the loan approval period.

This particular upgrade is available for both business owners and individual customers, allowing them to take a loan of up to 90% of their collateral deposited in their savings or fixed deposit accounts. This is applicable for any type of loan.

At PPCBank, we appreciate that all households need to make utility payments each and every month. Expanding our bill payment methods is a major step towards financial inclusion in Cambodia and just also happens to give our customers one less thing to have to worry about. If you’re a customer of PPCBank, breathe easy in 2022. Utility payments are free of any service charges, whether you wish to pay your utility bills at a branch or via the PPCBank Mobile App.

We’re also making those shopping trips easier this year and offering a wide variety of discounts at PPCBank merchants. Check out details about PPCBank merchants here.Know that we will keep expanding our merchant network across 2022 to include all of Cambodia’s most popular shops and restaurants.

There are many more exciting features and benefits coming your way as PPCBank customers in 2022 so stay tuned to our social media platforms and website for all the details just as soon as we’re ready to share them. It promises to be an exciting year and we hope you continue to have an easy banking experience with us.