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Let’s Count Down with PPCBank! Get Up to 6.00% Interest on 6-Month Term Deposits

Growing your savings at the highest rate in the shortest period is the perfect way for you!

With PPCBank’s ‘Let’s Count Down’ promotion, you’ll get up to 6.00% p.a. when you open a PPCBank Fixed Deposit in USD for six months, or 6.80% when you open it for twelve months. You can do this via PPCBank Mobile App or smartBiz anytime, anywhere, without having to visit a branch.

This Fixed Deposit promotion is available between 7-31 December 2023 and only via PPCBank Mobile App or smartBiz.

Don’t wait - deposit with confidence and earn the highest returns from PPCBank!

** Please note that the promotion is not valid in the event the customer closes any of their savings accounts during the promotion period.

Maturity Payment
Maturity Payment
6 months
4.00% p.a
6.00% p.a
31 December 2023
12 month
5.50% p.a
6.80% p.a
31 December 2023