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Frequently Asked Questions

At PPCBank, we strive to make your banking experience as easy as possible. Please find some frequently asked questions and answers below.

If your question is not listed, please feel free to call our Customer Service agents at 0963 909 909 / 023 909 909

If the phone number is used by other people, details in SMS only notify the receiver that he/she receives cash from Cardless Cash and where to withdraw. You still need to provide the receiver with the passcode and phone number to the actual receiver to withdrawal the cash.

Any transaction history will remain in the group according to the Telegram app policy. Users can also open PPCBank Mobile App or smartBiz to view all transaction histories.

  • For PPCBank Mobile App/smartBiz users, go to Setting => Store Notification Setting => Click on SMS Alert or Push Notification setting to manage store notifications.
  • For non-PPCBank users, go to PPCBank Mobile App or smartBiz =>Menu =>Notification Setting=>Click on SMS Alert or Push Notification setting to manage store notification.

Open PPCBank Mobile App =>Scan Invitation QR code=>Enter your OTP=>Enter your Basic Information and Submit=> Join Payment Notification successfully.

There’s no limitation. Merchants can add as many stores as they wish.

Go to PPCBank Mobile App =>Click on My Store =>Select store=>Link Telegram group=> Add Telegram group=> Input your Telegram ID or “Click here” =>Select store=> Link successfully.

Yes! Both the store owner and staff can receive Payment Notification from any bank with KHQR.

Payment Notification is beneficial to both the store owner and cashiers as it allows them to immediately track the customer transaction alert in real time.

Customers can choose to receive Payment Notification via PPCBank Mobile App or smartBiz, SMS Alert and/or Telegram group.

– Yes. Special Rate are country including Vietnam, Philippine and China. Transfer fee are listed as below:

– Vietnam

Amount (USD)Fee Charge (USD)
0.01 to 3005.00
301 to 5008.00
501 to 1,00010.00
1,001 to 2,00021.00
2,001 to 4,00026.00
4,001 to 5,00031.00

– Philiipine

Amount (USD)Fee Charge (USD)
0.01 to 40010.00
401 to 50015.00
501 to 80020.00
801 to 1,00030.00
1,001 to 2,00041.00
2,001 to 5,00081.00


– China

Amount (USD)Fee Charge (USD)
0.01 to 3,00012.80
3,001 to 5,00022.00

Our service fee is:

                 Limit (Up to)             Channel                                              Fee
         PPCBank Fee            AMK Fee    Total Sender’s Fee
USD 1,000 or KHR 4,000,000Mobile App/smartBizUSD 0.5/KHR 2,000USD 1.5/KHR 6,000USD 2.0/KHR 8,000
Counter’s ServiceUSD 1.0/KHR 4,000USD 1.5/KHR 6,000USD 2.5/KHR 10,000

Our service fee is:

AmountSender’s Fee
USD 0 –USD 500.49USD 2.00
USD 500.50 –USD 2,500USD 3.00
KHR 0 – KHR 2,001,960KHR 8,000
KHR 2,002,000 –KHR 10,000,000KHR 12,000

Our service fee is:

Transfer TypeAmountSender’s fee (PPCBank)Receiver’s fee (Wing)
To Cash Pick-Up Service (Phone Number)USD 0 – USD 500.00USD 0.5USD 2.5
USD 500.01 – USD 1,000.00USD 0.5USD 5.0
To AccountUSD 0 – USD 500.49USD 0.5USD 2.5
USD 500.50 – USD 2,500USD 1.0USD 3.5
To Cash Pick-Up Service (Phone Number)KHR 0 – KHR 2,000,000KHR 2,000KHR 10,000
KHR 2,000,100 – KHR 4,000,000KHR 2,000KHR 20,000
To AccountKHR 0 – KHR 2,001,900KHR 2,000KHR 10,000
KHR 2,002,000 – KHR 10,000,000KHR 4,000KHR 14,000

Even though your daily and per transfer limit is up to 20,000 USD or 40,000,000 KHR or in some cases maybe more as you requested to increase, it may not apply to all of the transaction types. Below are all of the transfer limit by transaction type.

Transaction TypeTransfer Limit
Account Transfer1 Time20,000 USD or 80,000,000 KHR
Daily100,000 USD or 400,000,000 KHR
Cardless Cash1 Time1,000 USD
Real-Time Fund transferTo account1 time50,000 USD or 200,000,000 KHR
To Phone Number1 time1,000USD or 4,000,000 KHR
Bakong TransferFull Funds Transfer (Account-to-Account)1 time10,000USD or 40,000,000 KHR
Wallet Transfer1 time10,000USD or 40,000,000 KHR
Real-Time Fund transferTo account1 time50,000 USD or 200,000,000 KHR
To Phone NumberDaily1,000USD or 4,000,000 KHR
Wing Transfer ServiceTo account1 time2,500 USD or 10,000,000 KHR
Daily2,500 USD or 10,000,000 KHR
To Cash Pick-Up (Phone Number)1 time1,000 USD or 4,000,000 KHR
1 time2,500 USD or 10,000,000 KHR
Overseas TransferSWIFT1 timeBelow 10,000 USD
Western Union1 timeDepending on account you select to make transfer
1 time10,000 USD

When you make transfer within PPCBank, there will be no fee charge. If you transfer to other domestic bank, there will be a minimum fee of $2 or 0.10%, whichever is higher.

Within The Bank Transfer No Fee (including Cardless Cash)
Interbank TransfersMinimum fee is $2 or 0.10%
Real-Time Fund TransferPlease refer to (Real-Time Fund Transfer)
under (Products) or visit
Fast TransferPlease refer to (Fast Transfer)
under (Products) or visit
Bakong TransferPlease refer to (Bakong Transfer)under (Products) or visit
Wing TransferPlease refer to (Wing Transfer Service)under (Products) or visit
Oversea transferSWIFT– ≤ 1,000 USD is 20 USD (SWIFT Fee: 5 USD, Cable Fee: 15 USD)
– < 10,000 is 25 USD (SWIFT Fee: 10 USD, Cable Fee: 15 USD)
Western UnionPlease refer to (Western Union)
under (Products) or visit

Full details on fee charge:

Amount (USD) Fee Charge (USD)
0.01 to 10015.00
101 to 20022.00
201 to 30029.00
301 to 40034.00
401 to 50041.00
501 to 62546.00
626 to 75047.00
751 to 1,00052.00
1,001 to 1,50066.00
1,501 to 1,75077.00
1,751 to 2,00090.00
2,001 to 2,500110.00
2,501 to 3,000130.00
3,001 to 3,500150.00
3,501 to 4,000170.00
4,001 to 4,500190.00
4,501 to 5,000210.00


You can visit one of our branches or contact our customer service. (Tel: 023 909 909 or 0963 909 909)

In​ such​ case,​ please​ send​ the​ photo​ of​ your​ receipt​ to​ PPCBank​ loan​ officer​ by​ any​ means​ such​ as​ social​ media​ channel​ for​ their​ reference.​ Alternatively,​ you​ can​ call​ TrueMoney​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 023​ 999​ 639​ for more​ support.

In​ order​ to​ get​ the​ most​ updated​ information​ on​ TrueMoney​ agents,​ please​ call​ TrueMoney​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 023​ 999​ 639.

The minimum​ loan repayment amount via TrueMoney Agents is USD 25.

You​ need​ to​ inform​ the​ agent​ about​ it​ immediately,​ so​ the​ agent​ could​ contact​ Wing​ Contact​ Center​ to​ start​ the​ reversal​ procedure.​ Note:​  Wing​ agent​ will​ always​ double-check​ the​ information​ with​ you​ before​ confirming​ the​ payment.​ Please​ check​ it​ carefully​ and​ ask​ the​ agent​ to​ correct​ your​ account​ number​ in case it is wrong.

In​ order​ to​ get​ the​ most​ updated​ information​ on​ the​ location​ of​ Wing​ Cash​ Xpress​ agents,​  please​ call​ Wing​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 023​ 999​ 989.

You​ need​ to​ provide​ Wing​ ​agent​ your​ loan​ repayment​ account​ ​along​ with​ the​ ​registered phone​ number​ with PPCBank and​ amount​ for loan repayment​ (in​ USD​ or​ KHR).

You can turn off Push Notification on Mobile Banking app by go to setting from Menu => Push Notification.

Please register biometric in your device in order to link biometric to Mobile Banking or smartBiz app.

You can easily set up face ID for both login and transaction by go to setting from Menu => Security => Set Face Login

We support 5 different languages :

  • Khmer
  • English
  • Korean
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
    You can always change language setting from Menu =>Setting => Change Language

You can inquire your account balance and details. More importantly, you can use transfer functions as below:

  • Intelligent Transfer (Transfer between PPCBank account, Bakong, Fast, Retails PAY, FAST and Interbank Transfer)
  • Third Party Alliance Transfer: Wing and AMK Transfer
  • Oversea Transfer: Transfer money to anywhere in the world with Swift Transfer and Western Union.
  • QR Payment (Pay to PPCBank QR and KHQR)
  • Top-Up (Immediate/Scheduled) to mobile phone and PayOn Online Card.
  • Cardless Cash: You can transfer fund to other person who don’t have PPCBank account using phone number.
  • Schedule Transfer: You can use our monthly scheduled transfer.
  • Pay Bill such as EDC, PPWSA, Banji, MekongNet, NSSF.
  • Manage your PPCBank VISA Cards.
    You can also use other features like searching for branch/ATM, news/event, product, Q&A.

You can only send Cardless Cash up to $1,000 per day and $1,000 per transaction.

There could be two reasons:

  • Cardless Cash is already withdrawn (You can ask branch teller to view detail of transactions).
  • Cardless Cash is already expired after 10 business days and refunded back to the sender’s account.

If you send Cardless Cash to non existing phone number, we automatically refund to you.

If the phone number is used by other people, don’t worry. Details in SMS only notify the receiver that he/she receives cash from Cardless Cash and where to withdraw. You still need to provide the receiver with the information you get from the SMS notification and provide to the actual receiver to withdrawal the cash.

Sender can easily check their Account Transaction Detail of the Cardless Cash including phone number, amount, withdrawal code/status, and share to receiver before the expiry date.

Cardless Cash has expiry date. After the expiry date, the money will be refunded to the sender of Cardless Cash. We allow customers to withdraw money within 10 business days. If the money is already refunded to the sender, you should ask sender to resend.

No. You don’t need PPCBank account to withdraw. You can just visit any of our ATM or branch with Cardless Cash information you received through SMS and sender to withdraw money. Instruction in SMS will inform you whether to visit branch or ATM or any of them.

The Cardless Cash receiver will get a SMS message of the detail instruction for Cardless Cash withdrawal. The sender will receive the withdraw passcode right on the Completed Transaction and a push notification, which they need to provide to the receiver to withdraw the money.

Anyone who subscribed to Mobile Banking service can use send Cardless Cash. You can use mobile banking application or send Cardless Cash at our branch counter.

With Cardless Cash, you can send money to non PPCBank account holder using receiver’s phone number.

It is free for Electricity, Water Supply, NSSF and MekongNet. As for Banhji any bill below or equal $500 will charged $0.15 and bill with amount $500 above, will be charged $0.30.

The consumer name will be not generate, so you cannot pay to non existing ID.

No, you can’t. Following biller recommendation, you should pay 3 days before your bill due date.

There are 4 types of bill payment such as Banhji, EDC, MekongNet, PPWSA, and NSSF (National Socials Security Fund).

Please be patient and wait for our technical team to work on your issue. In addition, you can contact our call center for further supports.

Yes. You can specify the date that you want to Top Up in the future.

If you use the non existing card number, the transaction won’t be successful.

To top up your PayOn card all you need is your card number and amount that you want to top up.

There are 2 ways you can subscribe to Mobile Banking:

  • You can easily register your own PPCBank Mobile Banking account through online with our fast account by simply download our PPCBank app and create account anywhere at anytime.
  • Or you can bring the your original ID card or passport and visit your nearest PPCBank branch to get our full support for opening your Mobile Banking account.

If you already have PPCBank active account and want to subscribe to Mobile Banking, you can:

  • Subscribe your Mobile Banking account in PPCBank app. After download, 3 options are provided. Choose the second option displayed ‘Become PPCBank mobile user’ and follow the step by step process.
  • If you wish to subscribe at our PPCBank branch, you will need to provide your ID card or Passport and mobile phone number used within your existing PPCBank account.

Yes. Corporate customer can subscribe PPCBank Mobile. But, corporate customer can only make account inquiry; and are not allowed to enjoy transfer service. If you want to enjoy full banking services online, we recommend subscribing PPCBank smartBiz.

Fast Account is a function which you can register your own online PPCBank account on Mobile app without the need to visit our PPCBank Branch.

  • Smartphone using Cambodia phone number
  • Original Cambodian ID Card/Passport
  • To avoid having your fast account deactivated, PPCBank requires an initial deposit within 7 days after register.

If you are in one of the category below, we do not allow you to subscribe to Fast Account:

  • You already are an existing customer who used to open account previously.
  • Your phone number has already been used to subscribe to Mobile Banking.
  • Your profile (Name and DOB) matched with our existing customer.
  • Foreigner with no Cambodian ID card/ Passport.
  • If you’re using passport to subscribe to fast account, make sure you are at least 18 years old.

No, this service is limited to a personal customer type only.

If you have not exceed failed attempts to login to Mobile Banking, your user might be automatically deactivated due to no initial deposit made to your account within 7 business days. If you want to recover your user again, please visit the nearest PPCBank branch.

Please visit our PPCBank branch and bring your related document for clarification. For more information, you can directly contact our PPCBank customer service.

For such case, to continue your fast account registration process, please bring related document to your nearest PPCBank branch.

Subscription fail is due to the following reasons:

  • The ID/Passport is too old or damaged that our system cannot recognize.
  • Your Face and ID/Passport does not match.
  • Some case, your name similarity matched at least 90% with those who are in blacklist.
  • Your phone mobile phone number has been used to register to Mobile Banking already.
  • For all of the above cases, please visit the nearest PPCBank branch so our staff can further support you to complete account opening process.

You can visit any PPCBank branch and fill in the application form to unsubscribe mobile banking service.

You can visit any PPCBank branch and fill in the application form to reactivate mobile banking service.

You need to make first login within 3 days after subscribing mobile banking service. For security purpose, your temperately password will be expire within 3 days, ID if you do not login within this period. You can use Forget Password function to reset password or visit PPCBank branch to generate new password for your account.

If you don’t use your mobile banking for more than 6 months, we lock your user account for security purpose. If you want to use the mobile banking service, you can contact to our call center visit our PPCBank branch to unlock your account.

If you fail to input the correct password for 5 consecutive times, your user will be locked. You can contact to our call center to unlock your account and then click on forget password function to reset your password.

If you are individual customer and cannot make fund transfer, your transfer is blocked by the system. It is normally when you fail to provide the correct authentication codes for 5 consecutive times.

If you are corporate customer, you can only inquire the accounts and cannot use any transfer functions on Mobile App.

You can contact our call center or visit PPCBank branch to lock service. If the service is locked no one can login to your user account. If you want to change your phone number, you can ask to change your SMS Authentication phone number at branch.

You can contact to our call center to unlock your account and then click on forget password function to reset your password.

If you are using Android device, please visit Google app store. If you are using iOS, please visit Apple app store. You can search for PPCBank to download the app.

If your app need to be updated, it will tell you to update when you run the app.

You can use the mobile banking 24/7 except for the following condition. Regular Maintenance:

  • When we need to update our system, we will give a notice in the bottom of the first screen for your information.

You cannot see your accounts for the following reasons:

  • Your account is closed account
  • Your account is joint account.
  • Your joint account needs to be subscribed separately with all of the other members of the joint account(s) at branch.

For security reason, we allow customer to designate the withdrawal accounts at branch. You can make fund transfer from only withdrawal accounts. You can add or delete more accounts to list of withdrawal accounts up to five accounts. Any mobile banking user need to designate at least one withdrawal account except a corporate account holders.

In e-banking registration form, you can designate none or at most 5 recipient account. It is optional for customer who want to transfer fund to only those designated recipient account. If you want to make fund transfer to anyone, you should not designate any recipient account.

Maybe, when you register withdrawal account at branch, it was active account. But, as your account become “Dormant” account later on, you cannot make any fund transfer. In order to make this account to Active account, you need to visit PPCBank branch.

On the bottom right of the Login screen, Click on Forgot your User ID.

  • You can choose between input your Account Number/National ID/Passport ID/Corporate Registration No.
  • Request Authentication code (that will be sent to your Mobile Banking registered phone number), fill it in, and your User ID will be shown.

On the bottom right of the Login screen, Click on Forgot your password.

  • You can choose between input your National ID/Passport ID.
  • Request Authentication code, fill it in, and your new temporary password will be sent to your mobile phone number.
  • Use the temporary password to login to your account and the change password screen will be shown.
  • In the Current Password, re-input the temporary password. Then, input your New Password 2 times and your password will be successfully changed.

We set customer’s transfer limit for security of PPCBank Mobile. Customers can specify the daily limit amount and transaction limit amount within the maximum limit amount set by PPCBank.

Our current daily and per transfer limit policy is 100,000 USD or 400,000,000 KHR; per transfer limit is 20,000 USD or 80,000,000 KHR. If this limit does not meet your demand, please visit our branch to request for increase. Please make sure to bring your ID or passport. If you have joint accounts which registered as withdrawal, please invite all of the members of joint account along to sign on the application form.

You can go to Menu -> Security -> Transfer Limit , then you can see how much limit is left for the day.

Your daily usage on PPCBank Mobile will be reset automatically to zero at midnight everyday.

Even if you transfer amount less than transaction limit, your daily limit usage can be already exceeded, You can check the available limit amount Menu -> Security -> Transfer Limit screen.

You can manage your limit in Menu -> Security -> Transfer Limit at anytime you want. If you want to increase the limit over $100,000, you need to visit our PPCBank branch.

Intelligent Transfer (Account Transfer) is a smart transfer system that allows you to choose your preferred of channels through various National Bank system including Bakong, Retails PAY, FAST and National Clearing.

In transfer screen, our intelligent transfer will compare time of arrival and fees for all available channels. You can easily see the times of arrival to your recipient bank and select your preferred transfer channel.

  • The Red dot means the recipient bank is Real-Time (take seconds to transfer your money with less to no fee charge).
  • The Orange dot means the recipient bank is Near Real-Time (take minutes to hours to transfer your money with less to no fee charge).
  • The No dot means the recipient bank is Non Real-Time (take 1 to 2 business day to transfer your money with additional 2 USD/Transaction).

There could be two reasons:

  • Your registered SMS phone number is changed at branch.
  • SMS message sometimes takes long time to reach you depending on mobile operator’s network situation or you cannot receive signal. You can request authentication code after 30 seconds you clicked first time.

Yes, you have to visit the nearest branch as soon as possible. There could be two scenarios that can take place.

  • If the bank has already processed your transactions, the case will be handle through case dispute and it’s depend on the receiver bank to decide to return the fund or not but bank will try to provide support as much as possible.
  • If the bank has not processed your transactions yet, our employee will cancel the transaction for you.

You can initiate a schedule transfer by click on Transfer option > Account Transfer> Input amount and PPCBank account number> Click on Set Schedule then choose the date you want to transfer> Click Transfer > Verify the information and Click Yes.

You can schedule just one time or regularly based on your needs to all PPCBank account holders.

You schedule transfer can be failed due the following reasons:

  1. Your account have insufficient balance during the time of transfer។
  2. There may be a problem with recipient accounts such as it became dormant or closed.

You will received a push notification alert that the transaction is fail. For more information, you can also Click on more option on your account number (:), then click Account setting, click on Schedule transfer. This will show your previous scheduled transfer and the status of the transaction.

  • Transferring to Bakong Wallet means that you choose to transfer to receiver using their phone number or account ID, the receiver can choose to keep the fund in the wallet or transfer to any other bank base on their preference.
  • Bakong Full Fund Transfer, is transfer to other bank account number directly using Bakong system.

Yes, it takes less than a minute for receiver to receive the money depending how quickly the receiver bank system to process deposit for their customers.

Yes, there is a fee charge ranged based on amount you transfer, but you can transfer up to USD 100 with no fee charge.

You can transfer up to USD 10,000/Transaction.

You cannot cancel your transaction immediately but you can but you have to visit the nearest branch as soon as possible, branch will try to find solution to reverse back your money.

PPCBank process interbank transfer once every morning at 10:30 am and evening at 3:00 pm. So, if you registered interbank transfer after 3:00pm, your request is likely to be processed in the next working day.

When you make interbank transfer registration, we freeze the transfer amount and fee from your account only. For freeze amount, we do not display yet. After we have completed processing your request, this transaction will appear on your account statement.

If you input non existing recipient account when you make interbank transfer reservation, it cannot be transferred. It is of our policy to take the fee as it requires resource and time to process your request by PPCBank. So, customers are advised to use correct information to make interbank transfer.

Yes, you can but you have to visit the nearest branch as soon as possible. There could be two scenarios that can place.

  • If the bank has already processed your transactions, the chances are your transfer will be refunded, in case receiver ‘s bank find any mismatching information such as receiver name and account number.
  • If the bank has not processed your transactions yet, our employee will cancel the transaction for you.

It is a real-time transfer service from PPCBank account to Wing either by Cash Pick-Up (Phone Number) or to Wing account. From Wing App, transfer can also be made real-time to PPCBank account.

  • For Wing Cash Pick-Up Service, customer can transfer up to USD 1,000 or KHR 4,000,000 per transaction.
  • For transferring to Wing Account is up to USD 2,500 or KHR 10,000,000 per transaction.
  • Daily Transaction to both types should not exceed USD 2,500 or KHR 10,000,000.
  • Maximum amount per transaction is up to USD 2,500 or KHR 10,000,000.
  • Daily Transaction is up to USD 2,500 or KHR 10,000,000.

Yes. If recipient does not cash out after 30 days, money will be refunded to sender’s account.

Yes. The receivers do not need to have account to withdraw the money.

When you register your Western Union, it is an application request you submitted to us. Normally, our bank staff will process at earliest manner possible as we understand your urgency of transfer. Once we have completed, you will receive an automatic Push and SMS notification related to your MTCN code.

  • Mobile Pay means you scan and make payment with our PPCBank Merchants.
  • KHQR can be used to scan and pay from PPCBank to all local bank that is KHQR members.
  • Bakong is a service used to transfer from PPCBank to any other bank provided in transfer screen.
  • With KHQR, you don’t need to input account number to transfer to other banks. You can directly scan and pay to any bank that support KHQR.

Be sure to look for the KHQR logo in the QR stand before making KHQR payment to avoid transaction error or any other confusions.

You can pay to KHQR merchant or transfer to other KHQR app up to 10,000 USD for cross bank case. But if the receiver is PPCBank merchant or PPCBank customer, there is no limit. No fee is charged while using KHQR payment.

Yes, it takes less than a minute for receiver/merchant to receive the money.

You can transfer to any account number of individual or merchant under bank that support KHQR.

You can receive KHQR payment from all banks and financial institutions that is the KHQR member.

Yes. You can easily generate your own KHQR code for receive payment by click on Menu (:) on your Saving Account => Receive Money by QR => Let payer input payment amount or Input the amount you want to receive => Create a QR code.

Easy, all you need to do is show or send your QR to the sender to scan and pay to you.

Yes. You can make top-up to any working phone number for any service provider in Cambodia. The phone number does not have to be your phone number.

If the phone number is used by other people, it will top-up to the phone number you entered. It is of the customer’s responsibility to make sure to input the correct phone number.

If you use the non existing phone number to Top-Up, we automatically refund to your account for your convenience.

Yes. You can specify the date that you want to Top Up in the future.

There might be some technical issues such as connection cut off when we’re trying to process your request. Although, the deducted money will be reversed back after 1-2 business days.

Please be patient and wait for our technical team to work on your issue. In addition, you can contact our customer service for further supports.