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Frequently Asked Questions

At PPCBank, we strive to make your banking experience as easy as possible. Please find some frequently asked questions and answers below.

If your question is not listed, please feel free to call our Customer Service agents at 0963 909 909 / 023 909 909

You can visit PPCBank branch to lock service. If the service is locked, no one can login to your user account. If you want to change your phone number, you can ask to change your SMS Authentication phone number at branch.

You can visit one of our branches or contact our customer service (Tel: 096 3 909 909 / 023 909 909)

We support 5 different languages.

– Khmer

– English

– Korean

– Chinese

– Japanese

You can always change language setting from Menu -> Setting -> Change Language

You can inquire your account balance and details.
You can use transfer functions as below.
– Account Transfer between PPCBank accounts
– Interbank Transfer Registration(Next morning)
– Top-up (Immediate/Scheduled) to your phone or someone else’s phone.
– Non Account Remittance: You can transfer fund to another person who doesn’t have PPCBank account using phone number.
– Schedule Transfer: You can use our monthly scheduled transfer
You can also use other features like searching for branch/ATM, news/event, Product, Q&A

You can only send NAR upto $1,000 per day and $1,000 per transaction.

here could be two reasons: – NAR is already withdrew(You can ask branch teller to view detail of NAR) – NAR is already expired after 10 business days.

If you send NAR to non existing phone number, we automatically refund to you. However, PPCBank takes the fee for processing. So, you will get only the NAR amount back to your account.

If the phone number is used by other people, it is not the responsibility of PPCBank. So NAR sender should always check the phone number before sending NAR.

As NAR information is the only information required to withdraw money, we cannot provide any information once you lost. In such case, wait until the NAR money is refunded to the sender. Then, sender can resend NAR.

No. NAR has expiry date. After the expiry date, the money will be refunded to the sender of NAR. We allow customers to withdraw money within 10 business days. If the money is already refunded to the sender, you should ask sender to resend.

No. You don’t need PPCBank account to withdraw. You can just visit our branch with NAR information you received through SMS and withdraw money you received from NAR sender.

NAR receiver will get SMS message for detailed instruction for NAR withdrawal. NAR sender will also get SMS message for notification.

Anyone who subscribed e-Banking service at our branch can use NAR sending. You can use mobile banking application or send NAR at our branch counter.

With NAR, you can send money to non PPCBank account holder with receiver’s phone number

Yes. You can specify the date that you want to top-up.

If you use the non existing phone number to top-up, we automatically refund to your account for your convenience.

If the phone number is used by other people, it will topup to the phone number you entered. It is of the customer’s responsibility to make sure to use the correct phone number.

Yes. You can make top-up to any working phone number for any service provider in Cambodia. The phone number does not have to be your phone number.

If you specify non existing recipient account when you make interbank transfer reservation, it cannot be transferred. It is of our policy to take the fee as it requires resource and time to process your request by PPCBank. So, customers are advised to use correct information to make interbank transfer.

When you make interbank transfer registration, we freeze the transfer amount and fee from your account. So, these amount is deducted from your account. When we process the interbank transfer, we will use this freezed amount to make fund transfer.

PPCBank proceeds interebank transfer once every morning at 9am. So, if you registered interbank transfer after this time, your request is likely to be processed in the next morning.

There could be two reasons: – Your registered SMS phone number is changed at branch. – SMS message sometime takes long time to reach you depending on mobile operator’s network situation or you cannot receive signal. You can resend authentication code after 30 seconds you clicked first time.

In transfer screen, you can select PPCBank and enter recipient account in PPCBank. We validate whether recipient account you entered is existing account or not. You can only send to the existing acocunts.

You can decrease your limit in menu -> Transfer Limit Inquiry/Change screen at any time you want. If you want to increase the limit, you should visit our PPCBank branch. But, if you are already using the maximum limit, you cannot change even if you visit our branch.

  • The standard fees for using virtual account service are:
  • The service fee will be automatically deducted on the 10th business day of each month.
Type of FeePer occurrenceFee
IssuingWhen virtual account has been issued$0.05/Account
UsageWhen deposit is made to virtual account$0.01/Account
Monthly MinimumApplied when the total amount of monthly fee charge is below $30$30 Monthly

To use virtual account service, customers must inform the staffs of PPCBank branches. PPCBank will prepare related documents to be signed. After signing the documents, PPCBank will issue the virtual accounts to customers.

To use virtual account service, customers must be users of PPCBank smartBiz.

Virtual account is a service that notifies client of a virtual account connected to an actual account and when client deposits to virtual account, the amount automatically transfers to actual account.

All services operating hours of smartBiz are:

Account Inquiries24/7
Transfer Request8:00 am – 6:00 pm of bank’s business day
Multiple Transfer Request
Transfer Approval24/7
Customer Service Support24/7
Virtual Account Management24/7
  • The transaction limits PPCBank allows on smartBiz are $10,000 or ៛40,000,000 per transaction and $50,000 or ៛200,000,000 per day.
  • If the limit does not meet customers’ personal needs, customers can visit the branches to decrease or increase.
  • The fee will be deducted from the customer’s account on the 10th business day of each month.
  • The service fee of PPCBank smartBiz is:
Free forAverage Previous Month’s Saving/Current Account Balance ≥ $10,000
$10 ifAverage Previous Month’s Saving/Current Account Balance < $10,000
  • To subscribe to PPCBank smartBiz, all customers must visit any PPCBank branches to fill in the application form.
  • Additional documents required for smartBiz subscription are:
For Individual/Joint
Account Holder
ID or Passports (all members of accounts) and Passbook
For Corporate
Account Holder
Owner’s ID or Passport, Certificate of Incorporation, Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, and Passbook

All customers who have accounts with PPCBank are eligible to subscribe to PPCBank smartBiz including individual, joint and corporate account holder(s).

Using PPCBank smartBiz, users can constantly access to:

  • Updated information of financial assets 24/7.
  • Monitoring all transactions inward/outward to accounts and account inquiry details.
  • Making multiple transfers of up to 1,000 transfers simultaneously; and easy transfer through excel uploads.
  • Setting one-time or monthly (routine) scheduled transfer and never miss payment deadline.
  • Monitoring payment received more efficiently through virtual account option.
  • Updating the transfer status and more….

PPCBank smartBiz is a smart and highly secured internet-based corporate management service on PC that is offered to personal or corporate account holders (individual/joint) by PPCBank to conduct online banking service anywhere and anytime.

All transfers are allowed to be made from Withdrawal Account only. And withdrawal account must be saving/current accounts(s) which are registered at PPCBank branches.

After applying to use the service at the branch, the user is required to login to PPCBank smartBiz within 3 business days. After 3 days, temporary password will no longer be available; and applicant must revisit branch to receive new temporary password.

Only the final approver who registered the User ID at the branch can login to PPCBank smartBiz. To login:

Step 1: The user (final approver) must fill in his/her registered User ID with a temporary password that has been sent to the phone. User needs to register the OTP during first login through PPCBank Mobile App with the same corporate User ID and temporary password by scanning QR code image displayed on the PC screen.

Step 2: After scanning, click ‘Request Button’ and enter authentication code received in SMS. Enter 6 digit OTP code displayed on your PPCBank Mobile App in the PC and click ‘Certify OTP’ to complete OTP registration.

For full login instruction, you can download the User Guide at ‘Download Manual’ on smartBiz login screen.

To install smartBiz, you need to connect to PPCBank home page at and → Products & Services → e-Banking → Corporate Internet Banking, and click Download button to save to your local PC. (Please note that smartBiz is only applicable to Window PC)

If you don’t want any of your sub users to have access to smartBiz, you can modify the sub users’ status under ‘User Management’ on smartBiz by deactivating or deleting them. You can also activate the deactivated sub users if you want to.

You can notify the final approver of your smartBiz; as he/she can view or reset your login ID and password if necessary.

Yes, the transfer request made is valid and will proceed to go for approval as usual. The validity of transfer balance will be in accordance to the balance at the time when transfer is approved (executed) only.

No, the sub users can only make transfer request even being assigned withdrawal role; the transfer execution must still be approved by the final users before transfer can take place.

  • Sub User is a user that can be created online by the final approvers in Corporate Internet Banking Service. Final approver is required to provide the User ID(s) and password(s) to the created Sub User(s).
  • The final approvers can assign both inquiry and withdrawal role to sub users. For inquiry role, sub users can only inquire the account; while the withdrawal role allows the sub users to make transfer request.
  • The final approvers can create, manage and delete sub users under ‘User Management’.
  • Transfer approval line is the line of approval that requires each user within the line to verify and authorize the request before proceeding to transfer execution by final approver.
  • You can designate your approval line in Approval Step Management. You can select and add the intermediate approvers by yourselves; and the order of the intermediate approvers can be changed by drag and drop the approver name.
  • Selecting immediate or one-time schedule will allow the system to determine when you want your transfer request to start processing.
  • Selecting immediate transfer means that your transfer request will be processing at the moment of request; while selecting one-time schedule requires you to set the date of transfer so that the request will start processing in accordance.
Fee TypeAmountFee
Domestic InterbankAny$2 or ៛8,000 (Minimum) or 0.10% of transferred amounts
FAST (KHR Only)≤ ៛ 4,000,000៛ 4,000
≤ ៛ 20,000,000៛ 8,000
≤ ៛ 40,000,000៛ 12,000

Transfer can only be registered up to 10 requests at the same time. If it exceeds more than 10 requests, you need to ask the final approvers to execute previous request; and only then you can register additional request.

Transfer is a service provided to users to make a transfer to one particular account which includes PPCBank transfer, interbank transfer and FAST transfer. While multiple transfer is a service that allows user to make transfer up to 1,000 transactions at once through input directly or excel upload; the multiple transfer is only applicable to PPCBank transfer only.

Maybe, when you register withdrawal account at branch, it was active account. But, as your account become “Dormant” account later on, you cannot make any fund transfer. In order to make this account to Active account, you need to visit PPCBank branch.

In e-banking registration form, you can designate none or at most 5 recipient accounts. It is optional for customer who want to transfer fund to only those designated recipient account. If you want to make fund transfer to anyone, you should not designate any recipient account.

For security reason, we allow customer to designate the withdrawal accounts at branch. You can make fund transfer from only withdrawal accounts. You can add or delete more accounts to the list of withdrawal accounts up to five accounts. Any mobile banking user need to designate at least one withdrawal account.

You cannot see your accounts for the following reasons. – Your account is closed account – Your account is joint account. Your joint account need to be subscribed separately.

If your app need to be updated, it will tell you to update when you run the app.

If you are using Andriod device, please visit google app store. If you are using iOS, please visit Apple app store. You can search for PPCBank Mobile to download the app.

Yes. Corporate customer can subscribe the Mobile Banking. But, corporate customer can only make account inquiry and not allowed to make transfer.

You can visit any PPCBank branch and fill in the application form to use mobile banking service.

When applying for the service you will need to bring the following documents:

ID or Passport, Passbook (withdrawal account(s))CommonRegistration Certificate, Passbook
OwnerID or Passport
DelegateID or Passport, Power of Attorney (signed documentation for transferring authority)

*For individual: you will need to bring in ID/passport and passbook of the account you will want to make transfers with.
*For corporate: you will need to bring in registration certificate, and passbook; the owner will need to bring in his/her ID/passport. If you want to delegate authority to a different person, the delegate person will need to bring ID/passport and a signed documentation that state the transferring of authority.

You can visit any PPCBank branch to reactivate already unsubscribed mobile banking service.

You can visit any PPCBank branch and fill in the application form to unsubscribe mobile banking service.

You can user the mobile banking 24/7 except for the following conditions. – Daily end of the day processing: During this process in the night time, you cannot use the mobile banking service. – Regular Maintenance: When we need to update our system, we will give a notice in the bottom of the first screen for your information.

If you are individual customer and cannot make fund transfer, your transfer is blocked by the system. It is normally when you fail to provide the correct authentication codes for 5 consecutive times. If you are corporate customer, you can only inquire the accounts, but cannot use any transfer functions.

If you fail to provide the correct password for 5 consecutive times, your login account is locked. If you visit PPCBank branch, we can reset the password and provide you the new password.

If you don’t use your account for more than 6 months, we lock your user account for security issue. If you want to use the mobile banking service, you have to visit our PPCBank branch to unlock the service.

You need to make first login within 3 business days after subscribing mobile banking service. As our system automatically lock your user account, you need to visit PPCBank branch to unlock your account.

When you make transfer within PPCBank, there will be no fee charge. If you transfer to other domestic bank there will be a minimum fee of $2 or 0.10%, whichever is higher.

Within The Bank TransfersInterBank Transfers (Domestic only)
No FeeMinimum fee is $2 or 0.10%

When making NAR (non-account remittance) fee charge is based on the amount you transfer, please see fee charge below:

NAR (Non-Account Remittance)
Transfer AmountFee Charge
$1 – $200$0.50
$201 – $500$0.75
$501 – $1,000$1.00


Even if you transfer amount less than transaction limit, your daily limit usage can be already high. You can check the available limit amount in menu -> Transfer Limit Inquiry/Change screen.

We reset your daily usage amount to zero at midnight every day.

You can go to menu –> Transfer Limit Inquiry/Change, then you can see how much limit is left for the day.

You can make multiple fund transfer.

Your maximum transaction limit is $1,000 per transaction. Your daily maximum limit is $5,000. There is no daily limit on the number of transactions perform.

ClassificationAccount Transfer limit
Account Transfer1 Time$1,000
Non-Account Transfer1 Time$1,000

You can assign daily transfer limit amount at most 5,000 USD and 1,000 USD for transaction limit.

We set customer’s transfer limit for security of mobile banking. Customers can specify the daily limit amount and transaction limit amount within the maximum limit amount set by PPCBank.