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Get $2 off when using PPCBank Visa contactless at Total Station

Instantly get $2 off when you tap to pay with Visa contactless for fuel with minimum of $20
in a single sales slip

Promotion period

January 05 – February 28, 2021 or while stocks last.

Terms and conditions

  • Tap to pay for fuel with Visa for $20 or more in a single sales slip to get $2 discount
  • This promotion is applicable at 45 participating Total stations only
  • Discount offers are available in limited amount, on first come first served basis while stocks last
  • Visa and Total reserve the rights to change, amend the terms and conditions or terminate the promotion without prior notice
1Total Toul SangkeNo. 1609, Phum Toul Sangke Sangkat, Phnom Penh
2Total Avenue De FranceSt. 47-61 & St. 84 Sangkat Sras Chak, Phnom Penh
3Total Match Central ( Psar Thmey)No. 602 St. Charles de Gaulle, Phnom Penh
4Total Monivong#370, St. 93 & 310 Sangkat Beng keng kang, Phnom Penh
5Total Road 310No. 382, St. 310 &, St 143, Phnom Penh
6Total Psar OlympicNo/ 88 & 89, St. 173 & 348 corner, Phnom Penh
7Total Toul TompongNo.551, St. 430 & St.432 Sangkat Toul Tompong 2, Phnom Penh
8Total Toul Svay PreyNo 318 , St. 199 & St. 384 Phum 5, Phnom Penh
9Total  ChateauSt. 274 & St. 217 Phnom Penh
10Total La DeesseSt. 182 & 169, Phnom Penh
11Total CamkoSt. 598, Phum Tuolkork, Phnom Penh
12Total Toul KorkSamdach Penn Nouth St. (289), Phnom Penh
13Total SanthormokNo. 798, St. 128 Sangkat Tuklaak I, Phnom Penh
14Total Tep PhanNo. 72, St. Tep Phan & 261 Sangkat Tuk Laak 2, Phnom Penh
15Total SamakiSt. 271 and St. 385, Phnom Penh
16Total SorlaNo. 1017, St. 371 Phum Trapaingchhouk Sangkat Tukthla, Phnom Penh
17Total NorthbridgeNo. 206 Street 598, Phnom Penh
18Total 2004#322, Street 2004 Sangkat Kakab, Penh 12406
19Total Sen Sok2St. 1986 Sang Kat Phnom Penh Thmey Khan Sensok Phnom Penh
20Total Sen SokNo. 4488, Phum Payab, Phnom Penh
21Total Phnom Penh ThmeySt. 1986 Sang Kat Phnom Penh Thmey Khan Sensok Phnom Penh
22Total Psar DeyhoyPhnom Penh Hanoi Friendship Blvd ( 1019) phnom penh
23Total PorchentongRussian Blvd Phum Tek Thla, Phnom Penh
24Total CenturyRussian Federation Blvd. (110), Phnom Penh
25Total Sen Chey2St. Chuk Va Sang Kart Krang Thnong Phnom Penh
26Total Sen Chey1No. 402, Phum Kokkhleang Sangkat PhnomPenh Thmey, Phnom Penh
27Total Sen LeapPhnom Penh Hanoi Friendship Blvd. (1019), Phnom Penh
28Total MakaraSt. 289 & St. 592 Sangkat Beng Kak 1 , Phnom Penh
29Total Porchentong2Poprak South, No. 44 & 46, St. Russian Blvd Phum, Phnom Penh
30Total ChamkardoungPhum Ruessei Primary School, Phnom Penh
31Total Chamkardoung 2No 1,2 &3, Phum Sambour, Phnom Penh
32Total Street 271No 240 Street 271, Phnom Penh
33Total La GareSt. 108 &, Russian Federation Blvd. (110), Phnom Penh
34Total Steung Mean CheySamdech Monireth Blvd (217), Phnom Penh
35Total Veng Sreng 2Plot No. 51, Phum Damnak Thom, St. Chomchao Sangkat StungMeanChey, Phnom Penh
36Total Veng SrengVeng Sreng Blvd Sang Kat Chom Chao Phnom Penh
37Total Toul KeiRoad 3 Sang Kat Plerng Ches Rotes khan Por Senchey Phnom penh
38Total OdemNational Road 4 Odem Village Sangkat Kamboul, Phnom Penh
39Total PorsencheySt. 105k Sang Kat Krang Thnong Khan Por Senchey Phnom Penh
40Total TakhmoaNational Road No 2 Doem Kor Village Khum Doem Miem, Kandal
41Total TaprumNational Road 1 Phum Taprum Sangkat Veal Sbov , Phnom Penh
42Total Chbar AmpovNational Road 1 & Street 361, Sangkat Chbar Ampov 1 Phnom Penh
43Total Chroy ChangvaPhum 3 Sangkat Chroy Changva Khan Chroy Changva, Phnom Penh
44Total PrekleapNo 126 National Road 6 Phnom Penh
45Total Russey KeoNR5 Phum Boeng Chhouk, Sangkat Kilo Met 6, Phnom Penh