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Disclosure Information in the 1st Quarter of 2021

In 1st quarter 2021, Phnom Penh Commercial Bank Plc. has total revenue 76,908 million riel increased more than 1st quarter 2020 amount 7,924 million riel equivalent 11.5% and net profit 13,606 million riel decreased by 2,113 million riel equivalent 13.4% if compared to 1st quarter 2020.

Meanwhile, as of March  31st, 2021 Phnom Penh Commercial Bank Plc. has total assets 4,236,287  million riel increased by 57,001  million riel equivalent 1.4% and total equity of 643,112 million riel increased by 13,559 million riel equal to 2.2%.

Key indicators of the fourth quarter of 2020 are follows÷

Return on asset 1.30%
Return on equity 8.55%
Interest coverage ratio640.37%