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Congratulations to The New President of PPCBank

PPCBank is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. LEE Jin Young as its new president, effective from the beginning of January 2023.

Mr. LEE Jin Young has extensive banking and finance experience covering a period of 25 years. His in-depth knowledge includes corporate and structured finance, venture capital and securities, strategy, digital and risk management as well as retail customers and branches.

He was a key member of the Board of Management of PPCBank from 2016 to 2020, previously serving as Executive Vice President. He has achieved many milestones along the road to launching PPCBank’s extensive products and services, including Visa debit and credit cards, PayOn, a major upgrade of Mobile Banking 2.5, the secure internet-based management service ‘smartBiz’ for corporate customers, and so much more.

“It is my great pleasure to take this new position and I am very glad to be back in Cambodia, three years after first working here as Executive Vice President,” said Mr. LEE Jin Young.

“I look forward to working with my Cambodian colleagues to lay the groundwork for a recovery from the global impact of the past two years. It’s the bank’s top priority to offer a wide range of financial services that are completely new and different from other banks while continuing to deliver a fast and highly flexible service for our loyal customers.”, he added.

Mr. LEE Jin Young has underlined the importance of building resilience, making progress by finding a niche market, identifying and having a clear understanding of all a customer’s needs, while improving the skill sets of people to take on the challenges presented by today’s increasingly crowded banking space.

The new President applies a wealth of experience and expertise in the financial sector across Southeast Asia to develop a strategy that can improve the success of the business and make PPCBank a market leader in professionalism and service quality.

As of 2022, PPCBank managed total assets of $990,036,260, with the institution declaring a net profit of $23,003,216, with total equity of $194,291,276.