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Consumer Complaint

If you experience a problem, or you’re dissatisfied in any way, you may lodge your complaint via options below:

Options to file a complaint
1. Call us: 023 909 871
2. Email us: (by completing this “Consumer Complaint Form”)
3. In-person discussion with our officer at the nearest branch
4. Complete this “Consumer Complaint Form” and deliver to nearest branch
5. Online Complaint via Webpage (Click on the top button “File a complaint”)
***Note: Click here to check our business hours.
What are information and documents required?
1. Personal contacts information a. Full name b. Phone number c. Email (required for “Online Complaint”)
2. Complaint information a. Details of your complaint b. Details of outcome (resolution) you need
3. Proof of complaint a. Any documents/slips/letters related to the complaint (If applicable) b. PPCBank’s complaint form (For written complaint) ***Note: All your information and documents are treated strictly confidential and used for the complaint resolution purpose only.
How it works?
1 Complaint receipt – A complaint shall be made within 60 (sixty) days after you are aware of the problem on which the complaint is based on. The complaint maybe lodged in writing and/or verbally. – Upon received your formal
2 Complaint resolution – A verbal complaint can take up to 02 (two) working days to be resolved. – You are requested to convert your verbal complaint into writing complete this (Consumer Complaint Form), if the verbal complaint cannot be solved in 02 working days. – We will notify you in writing about the result of complaint resolution with clear reason within a maximum of 30 (thirty) calendar days. – If there is a delay or an issue is more complex we will keep you in touch regularly.