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A special opportunity for our customers to transfer money to their relatives or make other payment transactions in South Korea. You can transfer money instantly to your beneficiary who has a bank account with Jeonbuk Bank via PPCBank Mobile App.


Currency Amount (USD)Fee (USD)Channels
USD⋜5,000USD 3Digital and Counter
USD> 5,0000.07%of Sending AmountCounter
*Customers can enjoy our special offer of free money transfers up to $5,000, effective until December 31, 2023.
PPCBank’s Inter-Branch Local TransferAmount (USD)Fee (USD)
Transfer to all PPCBank branches< USD 30,000Free
From a Phnom Penh branch to a provincial branches> ​USD 30,0000,1% of transferred amount
From provincial branch ​​to a Phnom Penh branch> ​USD 30,0000,1% of transferred amount
From a provincial branch ​​to another provincial branch> ​USD 30,0000,1% of transferred amount

Business Banking

Local Fund Transfer (USD)

We make transferring your money within Cambodia, easy.