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Local Transfer

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Local Transfer

We make transferring your money within Cambodia, easy.

Local Fund Transfer (USD)

Experience our domestic transfer service, you can enjoy fast and secure service alongside reasonable fees. If you are looking to transfer your PPCBank funds any of our local branches or to another local bank, we can do it easily. Give us a call at (855) 23-909-909 or come into any of our PPCBank branches to learn more.



Service Fee

PPCBank’s Inter-bank local transfer Amount (USD)Fee (USD)
InwardAny amountFree
Outward 2,000USD 2
> 2,0000.1% of transferred amount


PPCBank’s Inter-Branch Local Transfer Amount (USD)Fee (USD)
Transfer to all PPCBank branches< USD 30,000Free
From a Phnom Penh branch to a provincial branches ​> ​USD 30,0000,1% of transferred amount
From provincial branch ​​to a Phnom Penh branch > ​USD 30,0000,1% of transferred amount
From a provincial branch ​​to another provincial branch > ​USD 30,0000,1% of transferred amount