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SMS Alert Service

Get instant SMS transaction alerts so that you can easily keep track of your money 24/7

SMS Card Alert service:
If you have a PPCBank Visa debit or credit card, you can manage your expenses more easily by simply subscribing to our SMS Card Alerts service. You can get real-time notifications whenever your card is used for POS purchases, online purchases, cash advances among other things.


Free of charge for PPCBank visa debit and credit cards


SMS Account Alert service:
You can get real-time alerts whenever there is a transaction on your account such as deposits, withdrawals, transfers etc. Our SMS alert service will ensure that you know exactly how your money is being used at all times.

PPCBank will also provide a credit card bill reminder to enhance your level of convenience.


Free for first month usage, after which you can opt between our plans:

• $1 a month for unlimited notifications

• or just 0.05 per notification


Important information
For SMS Account Alerts service:

• Settlement fee for SMS Account Alert service will be withdrawn from your already-designated account on the 5th of each month.

• Service will be suspended if payment has not been paid and has been overdue for 5 days.

• If notification service is inactive for 3 months, the service will be automatically deactivated.

To re-activate the service, visit any PPCBank branch.

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