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SMS Alert Service
Business Banking E-Banking SMS Alert Service

SMS Card Alerts Service

If you have a PPCBank VISA Debit or Credit Cards, you can now manage your expense a lot easier by simply subscribing to our SMS Card Alerts Service. Receive a real-time notification whenever your card is used for POS purchases, online purchases, and cash advances.

Fee: Free of Charge for both Debit and Credit Cards

SMS Account Alerts Service

You can receive real-time notification alerts 24/7 when there is transaction occurred to your account such as deposit, withdrawal and transfer.

Fee: Free of Charge for the 1st month usage, the following month usage you can opt between our plans:

  • 1USD per Month for unlimited notification
  • Or just 0.05USD per notification

Other Notices

For SMS Account Alerts Service
  • Settlement fee for SMS Account Alerts Service will be withdrawn from your already-designated account on 5th business day of each month.
  • Service will be suspended if fee payment has not been paid within 5 days from payment date.
  • If notification is inactive for 3 months, the service will be automatically deactivated.
  • To re-activate the service, please visit any PPCBank branches.
For SMS Card Alerts Service
PPCBank will provide a credit card bill reminder to enhance your level of convenience.