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Corporate Internet Banking (smarBiz 1.5)
smartBiz makes banking with PPCBank even easier!

PPCBank smartBiz 1.5 is a new generation of smart and highly secured internet-based corporate management services. It offers you an easy and safe online banking service anywhere and anytime.



Key benefits of PPCBank corporate internet banking (smartBiz):

1. View your financial assets 24/7

2. Monitor all inward and outward transactions with details

3. Make multiple transfers of up to 1,000 transfers simultaneously; and easy transfer through excel uploads

4. Set one-time or monthly scheduled transfers

5. Transfer to another PPCBank account, other domestic, and overseas bank accounts

6. Monitor payments received through a virtual account service

7. Transfer status updates


PPCBank smartBiz service fees:

1. Free if your average previous month’s saving/current account balance ≥ $10,000

2. $10 if average previous month’s saving/current account balance < $10,000

Come into any of our conveniently located PPCBank branches and our staff will take you through the steps to apply for smartBiz and answer any questions you might have.


When you come into any branch to set up smartBiz, please bring your:

1. ID or Passports

2. Passbook

3. Owner’s ID or Passport (Corporate account)

4. Certificate of Incorporation, Business License and Tax Registration Certificate (Corporate Account )


Get started:

Please go directly to https://smartbiz.ppcbank.com.kh