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BIDDING NOTICE – The construction of Interior and Exterior Works for New Branch of PPCBank_Chaom Chau Branch


Participant in the construction of Interior and Exterior works for new branch of PPCBank _Chaom Chau Branch

☛ Expected Construction Period: From 17th May 2024 (Max 2.5 months)

Note: The construction period can be extended depending on unexpected circumstance on mutual consents with PPCBank.

1. Field descriptions

Reference to the Layout contents with the following details

⁕ Interior works

  • ⁕ First Floor

    1. BM office (1person)
    2. Deposit Counter (3 tellers, 1 chief teller)
    3. Vault Room (at least 16 m2)
    4. 2 Meeting rooms for deposit customers
    5. Pantry room including sink
    6. Toilet (WC) (proper size for the number of working staff)
  • ⁕ Second Floor

    1. Loan office (6 loan officers, 1 chief loan officer)
    2. 2 Meeting rooms
    3. Server Room
    4. Electrical room
    5. Pantry room including sink
    6. Toilet (WC) (proper size for the number of working staff)
    7. Storage rooms

⁕ Note for interior design

  • All mentioned above or more, participant in the construction of in-exterior shall suggest design at your discretion and by efficiently arranging it in the layout and please refer to current CAP branch design and layout etc.
  • The wall at ground floor, wall and mezzanine floor as attached layout shall be demolished.
  • Counters face to the entrance door
  • Submission 3D design at your discretion and suggestion to improve branding.
  • Water proof of any places inside the bank in order to protect all equipment shall be required.
  • Quotation including M&E (Reference to specification of Layout) shall be submitted.
  • Quotation of network and telephone shall be submitted separately by attaching company profile including specific network and telephone, vendor name and contact information.

⁕ Note for interior design

  1. ATM Booth (2 ATMs)
  2. Signboard (arrangement is required considering the electric line, it does not have to be the same as the existing signboard created suggestions are required)
  3. Exterior Coverage (it must specify the place of production of the material)
  4. Toilet (WC) for security guards
  5. Parking lot in front the building (demolishing front part of current building)
  6. Water proof and zinc roof shall be required for any places to protect leaking from raining, in terms of roof with proper water way.
  7. Generator room at proper place including electricity connection works.

⁕ Note for Exterior design

  • Submission 3D design at your discretion based on any suggestion to improve branding image.
  • ⁕ Note: Please refer to PPCBank design of current branches design.

2. Submission deadline for applications

Monday, 6th May 2024 (11:00 AM)

3. How to submit your application

  • Application documents shall be submitted to Administrative Department of PPCBank
  • PPCBank HQ Building Address: Nº 217, Norodom Blvd., Phum 10, Sangkat Tonle Bassac, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    ☞ Application documents shall be enclosed with the company seal

4. Application Documents

Company introduction including such as company name, establishment year, capital, total assets, previous year’s net profit, number of employees, major business field, representative nationalit

5. Application qualification

Company related to the construction of interior and exterior that registered business in Cambodia

6. Decision-making method of company

Decision is according to the bank’s internal regulations.

7. Application Deposit


8. Result notification date

PPCBank will notify on proper date before construction.

9. Signing of contract for construction

Within 10 days from the date of notification of the result

10. What to note when submitting your application

  • Identify guidelines, regulations, special conditions, etc. of local authority in relation to facility construction
  • Inspection procedure will be carried out after completion of construction

If you have any concern, please feel free to contact us.

Mr. YUN Chang Ho, Senior Manager (Korean)/ Tel: 012 850 513

Mr. PHAN Sovanndos, Senior Manager (Korean)/ Tel: 089 669 967

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