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PPCBank​ a step closer towards a landmine-free Cambodia in 2025

Every dollar counts, one step at a time, to achieve a Cambodia free of landmines by 2025. Resulted from the almost the three decades of war, Cambodia has been estimated with left over of 4-6 million landmines and other munitions.

You can now help save the lives of your fellow Cambodians​ and their children with the PPCBank Mobile App.

As the first local company to endorse this hugely impactful project,​ we believe in giving back to society.The “Apopo Fundraising Campaign” has been created in line with this mission. PPCBank will match every donation from its clients, dollar for dollar. 

As you know, the pandemic has taken a huge toll on the global economy, as well as on individual households. More safe land for farming could sustain our villagers, helping farmers provide for their families until this hard time is over. 

In 2020 with our support, Apopo has already cleared up to 2.4 hectares of land, equal to two football fields, in the Varin District of Siem Reap. This operation was successfully completed thanks to 12 courageous “HeroRATs” and their 15 highly-skilled handlers. What makes these “HeroRATs” so special is that they are trained to sniff out explosives and not just scraps of metal. 

In 2020, one HeroRAT, “Magawa”, received the “Bravery Medal” from the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals). Magawa was honored for his “life-saving work” in Cambodia, searching for unexploded ordinance or UXOs. Together with his handler Malen, Magawa has helped clear over 141,000 square meters of land (equivalent to 20 football fields). Once land has been declared clear of landmines, the Apopo team holds a handover ceremony for its owners, complete with a blessing from monks. 

It continues to be a heart-warming journey, hearing the stories of the people involved in this dangerous work, as well as seeing the very real difference it is making for families so hard hit by the anti-personnel landmines. The Apopo team and our rural farmers need our support more than ever before. Together, anything is achievable, so head to the PPCBank Mobile App, make your donation and we will match it, dollar for dollar.

For more footage of the operation and events click here: