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Just a few weeks left to get your Apopo donation in!

We know life is tough during the pandemic, we really do, but few people are having as hard a time as those living with the constant threat of landmines in Siem Reap.

That’s why we at PPCBank have been asking for donations from our generous and compassionate clients for this extremely heart-warming campaign. We’re matching 100% of the received donations from all of you.

Siem Reap has been particularly hard hit by the pandemic. The tourism industry it relies heavily on has all but vanished. People have lost their sources of income. Families that used to rely on the income from tourism sector have turned to farming to make ends meet. However, for many are unable to do so because of landmines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) on their land.

Apopo, together with their amazing team of ‘HeroRATs’ have been clearing farmland in and around the remote Northern-Siem Reap, so that villagers can make a living from their land again and children can play without worrying about the deadly threat that landmines pose.

PPCBank has dedicated our CSR support to the work of Apopo, its ‘HeroRATs’ and their handlers. Last year, with our financial help, Apopo cleared an area of 2,4 hectares of land and removed a dozens of landmines and other UXO. This meant that families could return to doing what they love the most, making a living from the land and sending their children to school, without the ever-present danger of explosives lying just beneath their feet.

Together, we can keep this life-changing work going for the communities of Siem Reap Province. Every dollar really does count and goes directly to Apopo, whether it’s paying for the HeroRATs’ food and vet bills, or helping to clear land for demining operations, every donation you make, however small, makes a difference.

We’re ending our Apopo Fundraising Campaign next month, so please do what you can to help us help other Cambodians in need.

You can make your donation simply by using the PPCBank Mobile App and remember, every dollar you donate will be matched by us. Together we can make a real difference.

Make your donation today and change the tomorrow of people who need our help now more than ever before.