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Vision and Mission


To be the best retail bank in Cambodia and Southeast Asia


To create a space, which we build with our most valued customers through closeness and trust. We have also embedded the concept of ‘leaping forward’ in our symbol, which signifies sustainably growing through change and innovation to achieve our vision of being ‘The Best Retail Bank’.

• Leaping forward:

We constantly embrace change, which is backed by our competitive strength as a pioneer of retail finance; and we aim for excellence through innovation.


Embedded strongly with the saying, ‘The guardian tree of a village’, we believe in prospering through closeness, confidence and loyalty built with our customers.


As a retail financial group, we dedicate ourselves to providing the best service for low-to-middleclass customers and promoting small-to-medium sized enterprises.


Space has been firmly placed in our philosophy to ensure that we are especially committed to our customers through channels in which closeness and loyalty are strongly entrenched.